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Take Ivy

Prep - The Ivy Way

About Me

When you're standing in the center of Times Square, you're at the crossroads of every possible style every thought of, planned and implemented. Streetwear, Techwear, Punk, Traditional, Athletic, Preppy, and so on with no end.

It's a wonderful experience, and as I looked around me, it gave me a much better appreciation of clothing and the effect that it can have on people. Just by looking at someone you draw a conclusion of who they are, their wealth, their status, their job, and even so much as what type of music they may like.

Which brought the question, if I look at all these people and draw conclusions based on their appearance, what do people think of me?

What type of person do my clothes say I am?

No matter how much the oft-forgotten idiom of "Don't judge a book by its cover" is repeated, we still do. It's human nature. People will always make a first impression, out of sheer necessity. If someone looks dangerous, you won't give them the benefit of the doubt and follow them down a dark alley.

If that same person was wearing a freshly-pressed dress shirt and slacks, with a shaven face and a well cared for hairstyle, you'd be much more likely to trust them.

So what do I want to convey with my clothing?

A look that is sleek and elegant, while conveying intelligence and comfort.

That's what Prep is to me, and what it can be for you.